Sober Living Recovery Homes: Finding Sober Living Near Me

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But homeless people remained far more likely than other county residents to die in a range of ways, including overdoses, traffic collisions, heart disease and homicide. Now a newly released report shows that the death rate from overdoses stopped rising among unhoused people in the county in 2022 — the year L.A. Our priority will be ensuring the people and communities who are impacted are treated with the utmost respect, compassion and support throughout the transition. We do not yet have a specific date for when each center will close but will share as soon as decisions are made.

Useful Resources & Worksheets That Can Be Used At Sober Living Facilities:

Sober living houses are not always used by those recovering from addiction. Because not everyone knows about them, they often go more or less unnoticed by those forming a treatment and recovery plan. But people who do choose sober living houses must abide by certain rules. They often have curfews, have a job they go to during the day, and they must also pay rent. The goal of sober living homes is to monitor and improve health, safety and wellness using peer support. The goal of many halfway houses is to reduce recidivism among felons using supervision.

cost of sober living

Assessment and Treatment Planning

Living a substance-free lifestyle takes a lifelong commitment, and aftercare—like treatment—is different for everyone.8 For some, a supportive sober living environment makes sense. While Level 2 homes don’t have recovery services onsite, there’s usually a strict requirement for maintaining membership in a recovery group or sticking to an aftercare plan with a counselor. This differs from Level 1 homes which tend to have more relaxed policies on how often drug or alcohol tests are required. In the 1950’s, “Halfway houses” (often funded by the government) were founded due to concerns about sustaining personal recovery after treatment.

Latest Housing and Homelessness

  • Some sober homes do not require residents to pay utility bills, but utilities may be rationed to avoid waste.
  • Group therapy allows residents to connect with others who are facing similar challenges, while individual therapy sessions provide personalized support to address specific issues and foster personal growth.
  • Since then, homes operating under the Oxford House model have spread across the country – as of 2012, there were 1,500 homes.
  • Sober living homes, also known as sober houses, are transitional living spaces for people who want to maintain sobriety.
  • Public officials said the reason for the discrepancy is unknown and warrants further investigation.
  • Some health insurance plans may cover the cost of sober living as part of an addiction treatment program, while others may not.

However, it’s important to check with your insurance company about specific coverage and what co-pays or deductibles you are responsible for if any. You can contact your insurance company by calling the toll-free number on your insurance card or visiting their website. You can also contact a representative from the sober living home to discuss payment options. Oxford House is a network of drug-free, self-supporting houses or apartment buildings. It was founded in 1975 as the next step in substance use recovery, focusing on sober community living as a way to prevent relapse.

cost of sober living

Halfway houses, on the other hand, typically have a time limit and require residents to either be attending a treatment program or have recently completed one. Sober living homes are structured, safe, and substance-free living communities for people who are looking for a more stable transition out of addiction treatment. Sober living homes are also referred to as recovery homes, halfway houses, or recovery residences.

  • Average rent for a four-bedroom sober living home, for example, should be $900 per room per month, which may legally be broken down into two people per bedroom (dorm-style) for $450 per month per person.
  • Taking care of mental and physical health is a requirement specified on the lease.
  • Sober living houses are not always used by those recovering from addiction.
  • By living as a community, Avenues NYC residents inspire and support one another, creating lasting bonds as they face challenges and celebrate triumphs.

Program costs for luxury-based programs can easily run $2,000 a week on up. We do not receive any commission or fee that is dependent upon which treatment provider a caller chooses. Smith and Clark recommend seeking out an SLH after completing clinical treatment to best practice the skills learned in the program alongside others in recovery. Prices vary depending on location, living arrangements, and program offerings. Typically, the cost is about the same as living in a modest apartment or home. The main difference between Level 2 homes and Level 1 homes is with the way that they are governed.

Sober living houses may seem expensive, but they are often necessary for many people still going through the transition phase of their recoveries. They usually require that the individual has a job, so the costs aren’t often more than someone with a steady job would be able to pay. It can be a good transition back into the life you want to live at a fair cost. A Level I sober living home typically does not have any paid staff and relies on its residents to monitor behavior and enforce policies and procedures. Halfway houses fall under the umbrella term “sober living home,” as both terms refer to residences where people in recovery stay before going back to living on their own, says Dr. Kennedy.


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